Cowhide Care Instructions

Cowhide Care Instructions:

The most effective way to clean your cowhide rug is to, shake it or ‘hit’ it against a wall to get all the
dust particles out. Once you have done this a vacuum going in the same direction as the hair fibres
will ensure your cowhide is well looked after. It is also best to keep any cowhide product out of too
much direct sunlight and to ensure they are wiped down with a damp cloth when spills occur.
With cushion covers, it is the same, a shake and wipe down with a damp cloth and allowed to air dry
flat will ensure it’s kept in good condition.

Can you Steam Clean your rug?

Yes, HOWEVER, we would recommend you take care and ensure that the rug does not become too
saturated which could leak through to the leather backing. If you want to steam clean, then vacuum
first as you would with any rug, and using the steam cleaner lightly spray your liquid solution and go
with the hair fibres. Ensure your rug is air-dried well and kept in a flat position.